I think you are missing the point

By: Conquest2000

as usual.   his main point is about leadership across the board.  From the PAC 12 Confernece/Network, to the Schools to the Head Coaches on the football team.  Even the teenagers you don't want to live through see this and are gravitating towards schools and conferences with real leaders.  Leaders who will provide a future and oppurtunity to succeed.   Maybe you should live through teenagers you talk about, because thus far they are making smart life decisions.   Look at it this way, if you are a talented musician, a prodigy, but need to go to school to hone your skills, do you go to LA Trade Tech or Thornton School of Music?  I guess you pick LA Trade Tech because learning to dry wall is going to help your musical career?

You want to die on a Clay Helton, Carrol Folt, Bohn, Larry Scott hill.  That is fine but right now that hills is under heavy fire and isn't getting reinforcements and instead of the Seal Team Six manning the hill Gomer Pile, Beetle Baily and George Pickett are the generals.   They have the high ground, being at USC, but with every decision they make they are ceding the advantage.   Mean while Patton and 10K men are waiting to reinforce and save the day, and Beetle Baily is like no we are good.  I don't want to overwhelm the enemy, I would rather white knuckle it and hope for the best. 

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