I think it all comes down to Larry Scott

By: LA Duck

Basically from what I understand it's the presidents at ASU and OSU who are his biggest backers.

Get rid of Scott, and get in better leadership (an ex-tennis pro as your leader of collegiate athletics???), and I think the p12 will be fine.

From a football standpoint I don't buy what he is inferring. I don't think it's all that bad right now. Did he really think Leach and Petersen and Shaw were the reasons the p12 was going to be good again?

And you Trojans will be back at some point...you'll eventually figure this coaching conundrum out and will make the playoffs. Oregon should make the playoffs, too. And how is that any different than from 2003 to now?

The exodus of players will stop once someone in the p12 makes a championship game again, bringing energy and optimism back to the conference. And that shouldn't be too long from now imo...

The sky is not falling.

But Larry Scott does need to go.

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