if you do the last two

By: Conquest2000

then three or four of the 5 decisions above it happen,  UM brings a broom with him because he would have asserted a great deal of control.  Helton Gone, Assistants Gone etc.

One thing you are leaving out though minor are still the bad optics.  the silent verbal tweet by Bohn. Keeping Tessalone is egregious.  Helton's pandering.  Helton's wife getting into the Fray.

As it pertains to Scott I don't feel like Folt is going to stand up to him.  Bohn, MAYBE, but then he will just tell Folt to reign him in.  Helton is in no position too, An UM or Bob Stoops may have but more likely would have used the ground swell around their hires for USC fans and Pac 12 fans to put pressure on the schools to deal with Scott.  

I have a feeling these Pac 12 Presidents are happpy with any check they get from Scott. the sad part is they are letting so much $$$ slip away and so much money get wasted.  Like why does the PAC 12 Network and Conference get to charge its expenses to Media Money and then after those are paid they get a 1/13th cut?!?!?!  No other conference does that.  SEC splits their money up 15 ways (14 teams + SEC gets a share), Big 12 (11 teams) splits it 12 ways, Big 10 15 ways, (14 Schools) ACC 15 ways (14 teams, ND is left out)  All those conferences have to make due with their share, these are all 'Not For Profit' organizations.   They don't have to report earnings.  

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