Likely won't go over well at Fresno Edison if...

By: Fresno Mike

...USC told him to look elsewhere.  Fresno Edison...the alma mater of Trojan greats TE Charles Young and safety Tim McDonald and his son TJ McDonald and LBer Charles Anthony of the '72 USC national champ team.  Along with Randy Williams, gold medal winner in the '72 Olympic long jump.  Velltray's older brother, Relando (see the link below), was a five star WR at Edison in '08 or '09 (see the link).  Tim McDonald was the head coach at Edison then. Relando wanted to go to Oregon but sadly never played beyond high school.  He was one of those players that comes along every so often at Edison.  My son was Tim's QB coach then and i remember him coming home from practice one day and saying to me, "Dad, there is a freshman at Edison that you need to come see...he is special...his name is Relando but everyone calls him Bubba."  Once I saw Bubba on the field it only took a few seconds to think, "Holy sh*t!  This kid is the real deal."  

Oregon's Cliff Harris and TJ McDonald were his teammates at Edison.  And ex-UCLA great Ricky Manning was also an Edison alum along with Ickey Woods.  Not a high school that you want to get on the wrong side of from a recruiting standpoint I think.  Especially since so many kids here like Oregon.

Velltray did not have a QB that could get him the ball as too many good Edison players transferred to other high schools in the Fresno area over the past three years because of a bad coaching situation at Edison (Tim McDonald has long since retired).  If Velltray is half as good as his brother someone is going to get a very, very good player.




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