Much as I like Clay Helton this guy

By: Java

Has to be the luckiest dude on the face of the earth. You realize that not only has USCs reinvestment in the program and people surrounding him probably given him a two year window here. But the Corona thingy bakes in every excuse he might need if things go wrong. And potentially legitimately so. I mean there’s a lot out of his Control Here. But as I think of his career I’m thinking this is about the 3rd or 4th bullet he’s dodged to keep that high paying job. And it appears regardless of this fall he’s likely to be coach in 2021. That’s 6 years. Didn’t Pete Carroll coach 9? Larry Smith 6? Larry went to 3 straight rose bowls. Eh. Anyway. Just pondering. As said. I like clay but that’s amazing the minefield he’s navigated. Maybe he should run for office
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