Aunt Becky, Say it Ain't So!

By: San Clemente

USC loses a hot coed. The athletic department swamp gets exposed and gives the new LIAR president her excuse to keep HUGS. 


So while the state is letting out criminals daily with no bail, looks like Lori Laughlin is looking at 2 months in a cage. (well a locked dorm room).    But no private chef, that's going to suck.  Probably gets out in a couple weeks unless she shives somemone.  Bitch has a temper, We all saw that.  


In the big picture USC has a REAL athletic director who has neurtered FAT BOY back to donut and ice cream duty.  


Thought Aunt Becky would win this.  Some prosecutorial misconduct.  She did have a technical argument that it was a donation with emails to confirm it.  Guess she didn't want to take a chance with a jury.  Good for SC not to be dragged thought the mud in public anymore than it already has.  sc 


ps in other news  ucla professor starts serving  219 years in prison for selling missle chips to CHINA.  so shut the fawk up bruitards. sc

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