Oregon's mascot led to your FREEDOM!

By: LA Duck

Ok, on the surface maybe having a duck--especially Donald Duck's cousin--as a mascot is a child's dream, not befitting a weekend warrior like us college football freaks.

But listen here....Oregon's original mascot was the WEBFOOTS, named after a regiment of New England Fishermen who helped turn the tide for George Washington and his troops against the King of England.

Later, around 1920, a journalist started calling us "Ducks" instead of "Webfoots" figuring that was the meaning behind the name anyway (which it wasn't). It stuck, and that's why we are ducks now. But our roots are as WEBFOOTS.

So this July 4th, please look around and thank any Oregon Ducks near you--without us, you would still be under the rule of Queen Elizabeth...and who would want to be enslaved in a world filled with warm beer, bangers & mash and Downtown Abbey?

The “Webfoots” name can be traced back to 1776, when it referred to the “Webfoot regiment”, a rough and tumble crew of Massachusetts fisherman that helped General George Washington and 10,000 of his troops spring a surprise attack on a stronghold of British forces during the Revolutionary War. With the experienced Webfoots fearlessly at the helm of the ships, the Continental Army successfully crossed the Delaware River at night. The battle that ensued in early hours the following morning in modern-day New Jersey helped turn the tide of the war, and ultimately led to the defeat of the Redcoats. Years later, descendants of those American heroes migrated west of the Rockies and settled in the Willamette Valley.

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