and you keep digging that hole

By: Old Hickory Trojan

surprised you didn't name call...unusual..and still haven't read anything other then propaganda to serve up your you know tht total slave population at the time of the Civil War? Do you know if it was increasing or decreasing? Do you know how much in tariffs and taxes the North paid to the Federal gvernment? Do you know how much the South paid to the federal government? Do you know who the slavers even were and where they got their ships and which business men sent those ships to bring those slaves to America? Do you know how many blacks and whites became sharecroppers after the Civil War and who made out after all the bloodshed? 

Do you finally admit the Civil War wasn't about slavery..Lincolns own words? Do you admit that anyone in the North that objected to Lincolns drive to go to war was gaged, arrested, businesses shut down, habeas corpus other words all liberty dissolved? Did you know when the Supreme Court objected to Lincoln's behavior that Lincoln threated to throw the Chief Justice into jail? 

Did you know that according to the Treaty of Paris all 13 colony's were sovereign nations each and every one and the Federal Government was a servant to those nations? Did you know in the ratification of the states four states repeated that assertion and so whote it into their state constitutions? Dis you know in those doctrines and treaty's the right of succession was agreed to and understood? It was also incuded in the Articles of Confederation of this countries first government?

You overlook so much in the history that led to the Civil War that you condemn everything southern..your hate the fact that in reality it wasn't slavery that led to that war.. but the North's aggression in keeping the South oppressed similarly to the way the British oppressed the Colonies...taxation and tariff's..

Now lets get to todays society is it evil? Yes.  Is it immoral..Yes......In society over 200 years back and as far back as the bible was it acceptable ...yes. Did they consider it was a way of life..conquered people were made slaves..back and should condemn all mankind forever for the history of the world...every race.....

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