Do you feel guilty much?

By: Old Hickory Trojan

It's all your fault you know...well not all your's San Clemente wants it to his fault too so the both of you can share it...all evil in this world that has ever occured you should be ashamed of yourself because you caused it...on the other hand I have no guilt, I've never done anything to other folks or races to feel guilty of....I worked hard,  raised a couple of great kids, took them to church to build a good foundation, got a good woman, have a great extended family and treat everyone with the respect they deserve..and I won't let anyone try to dump a guilt trip on me or anyone in my family over something someone else did 100's of years ago...reparations is bullshet or most of us would be due someting afterall I am 1/4 Iroquois native american...I'm sure I can blame someone for something if I cared to...excuses not what I was brought up on...

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