If you are old and smoke

By: Conquest2000

Or are old and have some sort of respiratory disorder Covid is like a death sentence. Per our company’s numbers which is a collaboration between Stanford, USC, University of Washington, Mayo Clinic, Hopkins, and UCSF. Age 80+ with a pre-existing condition of any kind 70% mortality rate, 92% mortality if you go on a vent, 18-40 2% mortality. We have found that with the 18-40 pop just going on oxygen w/Covid yields a 99% success rate. Putting 18-40 on vents yields worse results. Older smokers are getting culled pretty good. Smokers in general are not doing well if they get the Covid. The poor and minorities still smoke in greater numbers than other demographics. Per capita more smokers in the South and Rust belt than the rest of the country and the death demographics bear all this out.
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