Good news doesn't sell...

By: Contrarian

Gloom and doom does.  Almost nobody without a serious pre-existing condtion who is under 25 is dying from the disease.  Maybe on in several thousand cases does.  All of the NBA guys recovered with no problem.  Virtually all of the college players that tested positive at LSU, Alabama, Texas, and Clemson had absolutely no idea they even had the virus.  Out of over 1000 members of the aircraft carrier T. Roosevelt that tested positive for the virus, only one died, and he was over 40.  

Young people are not getting hit that hard.  The only reason so many football players are testing positive is because they are out in the general population.  It is not surprising that the college guys at the programs listed above were Covid-positive when they arrived.  That's expected.  The best thing that can happen to these kids is the get them on campus, get the ones who are positive in quarantine, and by early July, having the entire squad disease free and practicing in a high structured environment.  


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