If it bleeds it leads

By: coachemup!

One of the great thinks about being older is that I was able to read Jim Murray from the LAT for over 35 years.

“They could find the score elsewhere,” he wrote in his 1993 autobiography. “Basically, I find most people hate to be informed . . .

“People need to be amused, shocked, titillated or angered,” he wrote. “But if you can amuse or shock or make them indignant enough, you can slip lots of information into your message. . . .

“Satire is the best weapon in the writer’s arsenal to attack injustice. Frothing at the mouth turns the reader off. Angry voices are always assaulting us from all sides. The humorless we always have with us. And they always have their soapbox. The din of indignation gets deafening.”

What’s your favorite Murray line?

At the Indy 500: ‘Gentlemen, start your coffins’?

Or '[Rickey Henderson] has a strike zone the size of Hitler’s heart’?

Or UCLA Coach John Wooden was ‘so square, he was divisible by 4'?

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