Ya I was thinking the same thing...

By: LA Duck

Would you instead give that honor to Washington perhaps because they did win a part championship in the early '90s?

But looking at the past 20 years of Husky football, you've really only had a Rose Bowl win in 2000...that's it until making the playoffs after the 2016 season.  Really not much better than, say, Michigan State, who also made the playoffs but lost.

Whereas with Oregon who has never won any championship in football, they did come in #2 in the nation in 2001 (some say they should have played in the national championship instead of Nebraska), have been to the national championship game twice in the past decade including a playoff win, and were in the hunt for the playoffs only last season before losing to ASU and winning the Rose Bowl.

For a long-suffering quack fan, all of this is amazing, unbelievable history....never thought possible back in the 1980s or 1990s...but is it enough for Oregon to be considered Tier 2? Is it enough that 3 separate coaches have brought Oregon more success the past 20 years (Bellotti, Kelly, Cristobal) than any other coach in the p12 during those 20 years outside of Carroll and maybe Shaw?


It is sorta cool to be the only team without a national championship....yet currently looking to be a team poised to be in the hunt for one in the coming seasons.

I'm not sure which fanbase would be more ecstatic:

Bears for finally getting to a Rose Bowl....their first since 1958?

Or Ducks if we finally end up winning a championship?


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