1 in 5000 chance or LESS of dying

By: San Clemente

if you go to a college football game.   and if you are going to die from this , you were already in a risk group.


Death rate of the chi-com virus is 0.2 percent (or 1 in 500) at the CURRENT testing  rate.  FACT


CDC has published that they believe the actually infection rate is least TEN times that. opinion based on statistics . 


Which means (for those of you that went to public schools)  0.02 percent.  or 1 in 5000 people that catch it, die from it.  Or less. 


Why Less?   


Because testing increases daily.  The numerator keeps going up.  THe denominator is NOT going up .  With the use of steroids, avoiding ventilators, anti viral agents and steroids the number of deaths is NOT going up.  It is going down. .  so the death rate will continue to decline. Keep increasing the number of tests and don't change the denominator, and you( not lexo) do the math.  


The current death rate is the LOWEST it has ever been.  FACT  Today 6 26 2020.  FACT!


So this is all POLITICS folks.   Fear mongering.  If it bleeds it leads. Fake news.   Call it whatever you want.   And No hospitals are no where near capacity.  THat's just more media hype.  


Still need to protect the elderly, the infirmed, those with lung problems, brittle diabetics and fat people.  Although I'm fine with less fat people in the world.  


Young people DO NOT DIE from this. Kids have these things called natural killer white cells that don't even let the virus create an antibody immune response. And children haven't grown the receptor sites the virus attacks yet.  Kids need to go to school.    Healthy people do not die from this. Not a single athlete on the planet has died from this. NOT ONE.


Twentysomething Clemson football players tested positive.  NOT A ONE WAS sick enough to go to the hopspital.  FACT.  NOT ONE.  


There is still a problem with El T's infected filthy relatives crossing the border.  But what else is new?  This country had cured TB before his family  showed up.   Right El T?   


But then again there are those pesky Murder Hornets that are probably going to get you, along with the global warming, the moooooslem death cloud from saudi arab, big foot,  and whatever else some of you idiots are willing to believe.  sc 

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