essentially yes.

By: San Clemente

BUT  everyone's immune system is a little different.  It's called evolution.   Just like everyone's face is a little different.  it's also called evolution.


a very rare Group of people that catch this thing are super-spreaders.  and an even smaller group seem to be able tp spread the virus for months, not weeks.  But so far those have remained symptomatic. 


The vast majority of people will develope antibodies and never have any idea they had it of than some very mild symptoms.   Like EVERY single college football player that catches it. 


We have to be able to LIVE with this virus.  Not hide under his rock like NewyorkTrojan. 


ps. no vaccine is completely safe.  FACT. Personally,   I wouldn't get one for this, even if I didn't have antibodies.  I'm not in a risk group. And I have had a PHD in social distancing for decades now .   sc 

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