that's not unique.

By: San Clemente

sure woman like to make pretend they want to be doctors when they are in their early twenties.  Sounds great at Thanksgiving. 


But what they don't think about is that being a doctor is hard work.  long hours.  nights ,weekends ,holidays, tough decisions daily. etc. 


Woman doctors improved a lot of things.  No hazing in training.  No 36 hour shifts, which were just plain stupid. NO working after being up all night, which was also really fawking stupid.  BUT, and it's a big BUT....... 


 MOST,  and I mean MOST woman that become doctors that CAN find someone to pay their bills either get out of it all together or work part time by the time they are 35.  MOST.    Kaiser makes it easier for woman to be doctors because they can be part time there.  


I went to a wedding about 12 years ago and the Real Doctor (my friend) was marrying a young pediatrician that had just finished training. 


This pediatrician worked about 6 months, got preggers and hasn't worked a day since. Has a live-in made and a nanny.   Of the five pediatrician bridesmaids,  one ( the really unatractive one ) works full time.  two work part time and two also found someone to pay all their bills and quit.  That's six female doctors that actually add up to  and contribute the work of 2 Real men doctors.  Doctors that are men work full time, then they die.  THat's just the way it its. 


One of the reasons there is a doctor shortage is because most medical students have been woman the last ten years. ANd the percentage goes up every year (yes they get affirmative action even though they are the majority).  And yes, a few are really good at what they do.  Most try to find someone to pay their bills.  THey never mary anyone that can't keep up their expected lifestyle.  See a fairly attractive early thirty something woman with a fat bald rich dude at a high end restaurant and there is a good chance she's a doctor.  It's just the way it is.  sc

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