LOL well sister has a nanny

By: Java

And the house in Laguna facing the Ocean, up on a hill.  4-5 down from Mom.  


After meeting the developer, who was about 8 years older and a former professional snowboarder, surfer, etc dude, yep,  Decided having a house in Bali and one in Laguna was a lot more fun than doctoring.  SO after the residency on Long Island (why go that far?) she decided to be yessssss an ACTRESS.  So she now acts like a doctor and then gets slashed in horror movies.  When she's not in Bali.  Couldn't be troubled to have a kid so they paid so they yes, paid someone else to do it all.  Her egg, his sperm, and someone else's work.  


So I guess she fits the sterotype.  Has the guy and the nanny teaching the kid who is as white and American as you and me Italian from Day 1.  I asked why not something more useful here like Spanish and I was told I was a racist.   I remembered Tommy Lasorda spoke Italian to all his Latino ballplayers and they all understood so I figured I woudn't push the point.



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