I dated an MD for about 4 mos


she was doing her residency at Scripps La Jolla and her brother is an MD here in San Diego.  Both Indiana med school grads.  What you say is true.  I remember even before finishing her residency she was already talking PART TIME.  "I'm like wtf?  you haven't even started working yet".

She ended up being hired by Scripps right out of residency and actually does work full time.  Smart gal and great body.  Quikly dumped me when I told her I didn't wanna have kids.  Dodged a bullet there as she's pregnant with her 4th kid right now.  We still chat from time to time and her brother is a poon hound.  One of those McDreamy types that walks around in his lab coat in public all day.  Probably has a pocket full of fresh numbers every day.  


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