Bowl and Rivalry names that just have to go.

By: San Clemente

Orange bowl.  Obviously this might make woketards think of the big bad orange man. 


Rose bowl,  Roses have thorns,  Jesus wore a crown of thorns,  Offends muslims and people offended by statues of white Jesus.  


Fiesta.  Duh, cultural appropriation. 


Sugar.   Slaves worked on sugar plantations.  


Cotton.  Duh. 


Red River shootout.  Settlers oppressed and exploited the harmonious with nature native peoples.  


Iron bowl.   Chains are made with iron.  


The apple cup.   Johnny appleseed planted apples outside of their native habitat, disturbing the native ecosystems. 


Border war bowl.  This one is obvious.  All borders are evil.  


Peach.  represents the south.  everything south of the mason-dixon line is racist, including the mason-dixon line.  


The Big Game.  Stanford and Cal need to lose the Axe trophy that tore down the precious forests.  


Blue Grey game.  Duh. 


Michigan and MSU have to lose the Paul Bunyan trophy for the same reason.  asshole cut down trees.  


Duel of the West.  ETCU vs Truckstop U.   That's pretty obvious.


Moonshine throwdown?  Well, never heard of it, but it sounds bad.  


Holy War.  utah vs byu.    Bet it pisses off a couple woke mormons. 


The Game.   Yale-Harvard.   well,  this game represents climate change.  Why?  Ask a libtard? 


It all just Has to go. sc 



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