Coaches on the hot seat

By: bigballss

Clay returns as a holdover and survivor from last years hot seat list. Clay’s hot seat has his ass imprints well defined. It’s a broken in hot seat. Clay sips on a hot beverage while sitting on his chair. FFF engraved on the legs of the chair. Meanwhile, Urban still hasn’t taken a HC job, the dream lives, Urban to SC can still happen, tho it’s not a done deal, lol. Diaz is recruiting ok but he doesn’t belong at the helm of a program the magnitude of the U. Herman’s seat is hot, he was forced to recalibrate ( much like clay) but it may be too late. Sumlin will get to a lower bowl game with 6 wins, Chip? Let’s hope he wins 6 and stays at UCLA for a long time. Natives are restless in college station as well, 1 and 7 against top teams is no bueno.
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