its was a hangman's knot, not a lynching noose.

By: San Clemente

similar but different.  A noose tightens under load.  A hangman's knot cinches down  secured and holds strong so the neck snaps. 


A hangman's knot is thought to be more humane.  A noose does not cinch down but strangles and was used to lynch.  A hangman's knot is sometimes called a hangman's noose, but it's not really a noose. A noose is more commonly used as a snare. 


A noose looks more like a garage pull, which is usually a common fishing loop knot. Size of loop does not change under tension like a noose and makes a nice handle.  My guess is somone on one of the prior nascar teams that used the garage got bored and replaced the usual simple knot at the end of a garage pull that sometimes comes undone and might have a  the ball or whatever handle at the end falls off, and replaces it with a hangman's knot just for the hell of it and thought nothing of it.  


Then someone  with Lexo's education level saw it and got all butt hurt.  


I guess none of today's journalists were boyscouts. sc 


this is a noose.


this isn't. 


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