Communist Poli Scie Chair at UCLA

By: malapert

destroys careerr fo Air Force Veteran in favor of woketard hate...

In response to UCLA’s actions, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s Katlyn Patton said

Peris’s academic freedom, as a faculty member at a public institution bound by the First Amendment, includes the right to decide whether and how to confront or discuss difficult or offensive material, including historical readings that document our nation’s centuries-long history of racism. Doing so does not amount to unlawful discrimination or harassment, and the law is abundantly clear that UCLA could not investigate or punish a professor for exercising his expressive or academic freedom.

For his part, Chwe (at right) has proven himself to be not exactly a neutral arbiter of things political. Back in 2016, he said “The danger to democracy itself from Trump supporters is real and must be confronted. It is the greatest danger to democracy since World War II, even perhaps since the Civil War …”

He also said American democracy can only survive when white people, especially white men, willingly surrender power to “multiracial and multi-gender coalitions.”

Further, Chwe threw a hissy fit when conservative talker Dennis Prager was slated to conduct a Los Angeles-area orchestra in 2017. Chwe claimed Prager “promotes deeply bigoted views using disturbing, apocalyptic language” and said the radio host’s proposed concert “would deeply damage our orchestra’s relationship with our community.”


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