He said some pretty bad stuff.

By: San Clemente

could have worded it a lot better.   should have left some stuff out.   but people didn't talk like they do now back when he was raised or when he said it.  


Don't think John Wayne hated anyone.   That's what the term "racist" used to mean in his day. 


Then they added the term to include people that see differences in races that may be factually true in general when applied to a group,  like black people are better at basketball, as  also "racist".  The Bell Shaped Curve book had to be burned.  And those that published FACTS needed their lives destroyed. 


Now if you don't get up in the morning thinking about race in everything and everyone you look at , and haven't and don't give a shit what anyone IS, but what they do.  You are now considered the worst kind of racist.    YOU MUST PLEAD GUILTY FOR YOUR PRIVILEGE , and you can never do enough to erase it.  NEVER.  Your yet to be born great grandkids must PAY, and all their decendents must also PAY. FOREVER.  


I look at ALL people as individuals, no a member of any group, except maybe hyphen free AMERICANs.   That is what this country was founded on.  The rights of the individual. 


No one has EXCLUSIVE rights to use ANY WORD.  NO ONE. 


The minority of people obsessed with everything RACE can go fuck themselves.  sc 

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