there is no reason to watch NBA OR NFL

By: Art_Vandalay

think about it - first off, NBA has changed so much.  We lived through the golden years with Dr J, Magic, Celtics, etc.  Bulls, Rockets... those were teams. Now 2,3 or even 5 guys jump from team to team, trying to form super teams... WTF is wrong with these players?  

I used to love the Lakers, even with Kobe/Shaq but now, fawk, I started following players I liked... KL of Clips, even George from LA, etc.  I'm a fan of players playing instead of jumping up and down like an animal, cursing a politician without having a fawking idea or solution to their perceived problems.   So F LeBron.  F nike.  Those Liberals pretend like they are going to put ChikFilet and NNOUT out of biz because they are conservative...   The right needs to be ready to fight back.. 

Trump is  not a great leader, not good with messaging most of the time but policies are common sense and he is fighting for every American if they think so or not. preCOVID everybody had a job that wanted one.   a do-nothing politician on the left or right, is not what we need or want.  these guys are puppets.  Biden spent his 40 years getting his drug addict kids jobs for Corrupt Ukranian companies making millions of dollars.  He's trash.  

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