want PROOF you are being worked.

By: San Clemente

on july 18th Arizona "reported" 147 carona virus deaths.  See the headlines.


Sounds pretty bad huh.  


Guess how many people actually died from the chi-com virus on sat july 18th in the entire state of Arizona?  


Not "reported " carona virus "related" deaths, actual human being that died from that virus on that one day?  


How much do you think they worked the numbers? 



Think it was a hundred?   that you would think you might be able to argue right?   Still scary huh.     Nope



think it was 50?  That gets your attention huh.     NOPE



Think it was 25?  That would still be pretty bad, but NOPE. 



think it was 10?  that would be a scandal huh?   but nope




5?   not so scary, no where near 147.   147  sounds like custer's last stand or the momon slaughter in the 1800's,   but  NOPE. 






that's it.   THREE.  sounds more like a car accident huh.  Sad, and sucks, but happens right?  Three people in the entire state DIED after being admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of Covid-19 on that date in that state.  Not much of a "surge",  huh.  And ALL THREE were in the high risk groups.  ALL THREE.  




sound more like a ucla football three star commit huh.  Not so much of a KABOOM .  Headline doesn't really scream does it.  Doesn't scare the shit out of you does it? And more importantly doesn't make you demand a new President does it?    



147 are carona virus "related" total deaths ADDED to the total number of deaths after "review" of medical records etc.   So that was the number the state sent to the CDC on that date, not people that actually DIED on that date.  Yes they wait and total them up,  And yes, classifying deaths as covid 19 means way more reimbursement to the hospitals from the gubment.  And no you don't need a positive covid test to be classified as a covid death.   And yes, if you had the virus in march, got over it and died of a heart attack in early july while jogging with or without a mask,   Surprise Surprise, you too  are a covid 19 "Related" death. That's just one way they add to the totals. 



on the 21st the state had 6 " new "  deaths.  ya, that sucks too.  But that's the entire state of arizona with 7-8 million people.  Not exactly dropping like flies like the headlines suggest.   Does that make you afraid to go to a baseball game?   didn't think so.   


And the number of deaths from other major causes (Cancer-heart attacks-pneumonia,diabets,copd, etc.) outside of being shot to death in our libtard cities have all gone down about as many as the number of carona virus deaths has gone up.  Surprise Surprise.   sc 

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