Liberals think All Libs = intellectually superior

By: Perikete

A bit of a Kindergartner mentality.

Projecting stupidity on Conservatives somehow makes Liberals feel superior.   Calling someone "Stupid" is so easy to an attempt to influence rank-n-file Liberals that, because Conservatives think differently....they can ONLY BE STUPID.


Projected stupidity the past few decades on Republican leaders......consider "stupidity" in the context of these:

Reagan----Dixon College, Famous Actor, President of SAG, Governor of California

GW Bush----Andover, Yale, Harvard MBA, Navy Reserve Pilot, Owner of Texas Rangers, Governor of Texas

GHW Bush----Andover, Yale, decorated WWII pilot, Ambassador to China, Head of CIA, Vice President of USA.

Donald Trump---Wharton, major global developer, TV Personality, Author, 2xBillionaire, philanthropist.







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