look for the media to go nuts over "999"

By: San Clemente

Herman Caine died "allegedly from covid-19) that he allegedly got a Trump rally where he didn't wear a mask.  


But it's perfectly OK for there to be yet ANOTHER funeral for some libtard congressman, but you can't have one for anyone in your family. See you can't catch it at a riot or a libtard funeral , but you can for your grandma's. 


Here is what the media won't tell you.  Herman Caine had co-morbidities up the wazzoo.   Oh, you didn't know he had stage 4 cancer and was immunocompromised among other health issues?  How many people think stage 4 colon cancer ever really stays away?   It's "not considered curable".   Besides, how many really old black men do you ever see?  They just don't live that long.  Sorry, but all the major diseases kill black men the earliest. That just has to be whities fault.


So was it covid?  Who knows.  First public person I have heard of dying from this thing.  Let me know when a healthy middle aged celeb drops dead.  I can think of quite a few I wouldn't mind .  


He is a perfect example of WHO should have been quarantined.  Not school kids. sc 

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