someone explain this, please.

By: San Clemente

are these idiots bouncing around with all the gestures next to woketard politicians actually communicating anything or is it just virtue signaling?


seems like they repeat the same motions a lot.  yet the clown next to him has changed the subject.  


And what is up with all the facial contortions?  Is that part of signing?  Is making big eyes Like an exclamation mark? or does it change anything?  


I got a merit badge for learning  sign language alphabet as a boy scout, but I don't remember haven't to pretend like I was taking a ten pound shit. 


do demorRat libtards not know that there is software that will translate real time closed captioning.


or Do liberal deaf people not know how to read?  IF so, Shouldn't someone teach them?  Don't ya think? I bet Karen knows. Now that Kalifornia will let anyone be a lawyerdouche due to the chi-com plague, aren't court reporters also as antequated as in attendence universities? 


wouldn't a computer program be a little cheeper than another gubment union employee and their ridiculous benefits and pensions? Only problem is a computer program can't ballot harvest., not yet. 


ps I wonder how you sign "anachronism".  Oh I know,  hand them the want ads.   sc

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