SOROS and EPSTEIN.. the opitome of EVIL

By: bread

Which is why DEMOCRATS love them.

SOROS a Convicted Swinller in UK.   A life dedicated to destruction of America, Buys State prosecutors....

...funds campaigns of corrupt, unethical cadidates for those jobs, SEE St.Louis hag, Chicago savior of Smollett and 

...the worst;Philadelphias.

Also Enjoyed enabling Nazis in WWII.  No its rarely in media.  Who he delivers "awards" to regularly.


Couple things less well known on Epstein who "luvs" children.

NBC went to the mat to cover up for him.  Their own reporters developed much of the story...Only to be crushed.

....Among less well known frequuent. visitors to Pedophile Island:  

A. Baroc...Israeli Big wig who spent time and money to almost impeach Netanyahu.  Not much mention here... because.... our Media HATES Benj Netanyahu

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