The way I look at it...

By: Contrarian

First...if USC had played and won that game, I'd be singing their praises right now... but as I said below, USC lost their last game by 25 points.  Did they have a reasonable expectation of doing better against Bama? Why and how?  Last time USC played Bama, they lost by 46, and that was against a team that had a very slow start offensively, and played 3 quarterbacks before finally settling on a true freshman..who turned out to be very good, but in the first game, but he was hardly a world beater (hit two wide open receivers for long TD's).   This year, as anyone who's watched Matt Jones can attest to, Alabama is QB'd by statistically the best quarterback in the country.  The guy is playing great football.  

The last USC team had a veteran offensive line of blue chip recruits (Toa, Viane, Mama, Chuma, Zach Banner).  They got totally  steamrolled.  My biggest concern this year would have been Kedon not being knocked out for the season.   If he was given time, Slovis would put up yards and points against anyone.  I'm just not confident he'd be able to get that time against Bama's defense.  Finally as I said below as well, Sark would run up the score on USC if Saban allowed it (he allowed Lane to do it in the last game).  Alabama wouldn't be calling off the dogs early.  

A 21 point loss would mean USC played the Tide tougher than they played Oregon or Wisconsin.   In my wildest imagination, I could not see that happening in Dallas....Someday maybe, but not this year.

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