Because Yogi became popular

By: Petros Papakakas

the same time he USC program started losing their edge. What really got USC to the top was hard work and complete dedication from the staff from 1999-2004. Those guys got their hands dirty. Dominating victories soon followed. Then came guys like Yogi. Snake oil salesmen who went to the school of Jonny Cochran. So much fluff and BS. Pete Carroll thought he could have it all. He lost that hunger he had the first few years he was at USC. He hired friends and family, returning favors from the past. That stuff usually doesn’t work out,, unless those people are truly great and have a real passion for what they do. Yogi has passion, but for what? coaching??? Lol. Sure he does, as long as you let him do 4 hours of yoga a day. PC went Hollywood... Yogi is Hollywood. Question- would he be at the top of your list to run the Duck offense? Well there you go
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