By: Petros Papakakas

Great football coach. Future HOF HC, 100%. He made some mistakes at USC after two unbelievable years of success in 2003 and 2004. I’d even argue he was just as successful in 2001 and 02, maybe a little more imo. Those guys were all football, all day. You should enjoy success. The great ones usually celebrate for a day or a week before getting back to work. Sucks, but that what it takes in such a competitive business. Look, I’m not claiming to know shit. I’m not a big donor or secret service insider. But I did attend the after party in Century City following the loss to Tex in the NC game (after spending half the night trying to get out of the RB). Although I wanted to talk about the loss, talk about what USC needed to do,,,, talk football. Let me put it this way, you would think USC won the game the way theplayers and evening some coaches were acting there. Even some of the biggest rah rahs would’ve been pissed at how they were acting..... But good for them- life is more than football. PC made mistakes- some big ones. He could’ve and should’ve balanced it much better. But yeah, PC is one of the best, especially when he focused on just football.
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