You are probably right...but...

By: Contrarian's very early to make that determination.  They just had their first practice with pads yesterday.  ITS was starting up until his injury.   He is a 6'2, 205 CB who has 100% legitimate electronic 4.32 speed. He ran that at The Opening finals going head-to-head against the top players in the country in winning the fastest man competition, giving him bragging rights to being the fastest football player in high school.  There might not be another corner in the country with his he works hard at his craft (posts a lot of weight room pics..etc).  Todd Orlando has gone out of his way to mention his physical attributes.  

Steele is a fierce competitor and given ITS's serious knee injury in the Holiday Bowl, seems to have moved into the 2nd CB postion.  I have zero problems with that. However, teams throughout college football play 3 corners more often than not these days. ITS will see plenty of time and could conceivably start if he is back at 100%.  I'd bet ITS will be highest guy drafted between OG, Steele, and himself.

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