WOW, Plugs Biden is Tony Soprano.

By: San Clemente

BIDEN used his POWER and POSITION in public office to make his kids and siblings multimillionairs.    This is now FACT


What wasn't known is that JOE demanded and received HALF of all the profits from these corruptions.   HALF.   After taxes CASH .  


New email to his sister released this morning shows Crackhead Hunter (see photo)  bitching that he's been putting more into the kitty jar than any of the other members of the mafia family.    WOW.   


So Joe pretends to live in a simple home and "took the train" to work, but he also had several multimillion dollar estates on the side and it all came from influence peddling. WORSE is the FBI has been Sitting on this.  Covering it up for years.  Forbes lists Old Joe as 7 figure guy. 




The most expensive home in Delaware, according to Delaware Online, is a $14.9 million, 7,800-square-foot oceanfront home. also lists properties in excess of 7,000-square-feet, including this 9,957-square-foot property in Dewey Beach, and this 12,000-square-foot home in Wilmington.

WOW, just freaking Wow.   And I thought the french whores of that CUNT notre dame were criminals.  Nothing touches the Biden crime family.  sc


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