Sorry - should have included James Clinton Gore

By: LA Duck

James Clinton Gore was a plumber who passed away yesterday at age 73. Same day and only a few years older than Fred Dean.

The reason I forgot to include James, TEE, is that I don't know the guy, and would have no reason for knowing who he is, and thus no reason to include a post about him.

But because I posted about Fred and not about James, that doesn't mean James' life was less valuable or less important than Fred's was.  Just maybe a little less famous.

It just means I knew about Fred and how he came to the Niners from San Diego and helped them to their first Super Bowl win, and how huge that was for my dad, a life-long Niner's fan.  

I suppose if Mr. Gore had come to my house to unplug a drain at some point, I would have known him, and I might have made a post about him, too.  But probably on the WildPlumbers website, and not here on Java's football board.

Does any of this not make sense to you, TEE?  Just curious. 

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