Liberals Ruin Everything - Sam Ehlinger Edition

By: PasadenaTrojan

Well as most know, big fan of this kid.  Tough poised and pretty damn talented. Few idiots on this Board said he wasnt a good QB his FR year against USC and I said watch, this kid can play.  He's at 114 career TDs with 2/3 of another season to go.  Not bragging. Dont need to actually. Just background.   He will get a cup of coffee in the NFL. Right team and coach he may get lucky and be a solid contributor. 

Anyway not point of post.  So apparently there is a boo ha ha over the team song The Eyes of Texas.  Theuy sing after every game apparently win or lose.  Well teh song has been connected to ex School President who was familiar with Robert E Lee.  Holy crap.

Well like Drew Brees, Brett Favre and other legendary white QBs who bent a knee.  Sam E wouldn't and didn't. His AD backed him up. 

Sam E maybe donzo.  His teammates are not gonna be happy.  Ask Brees how that goes.  I didnt see this on espn but since I dont watch it would be hard to catch.    Was this a story? I am actually surprised its not a hot topic.  Maybe this weekend?  We know woke folks donr reason nor stop so I think winter is coming down there....Sam E. I applaud you again. You are ONE man of principal and courage and represent the great state of Texas well.  This pic is crazy cool. 

PS apparently Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell support the song and the tradition. Very cool of them.  That cant hurt.