Huh? Didn't watch. MLB was better TV today.

By: Dr. Spock

Dodgers won and forced an epic Game 7 for Sunday Night. Winner goes to the World Series. 

Rays won a game 7 vs. the hated Houston Assholes and punch their ticket to the World Series in dramatic fashion. 50 years from today, more people will remember the MLB games today than the crappy, boring games Lefty ESPN and SEC presented today as mindless propaganda.  SMH.

No one gives a sh*t about Covid postive little Nicky Satan coaching vs. a pathetic Georgia team.  He knew he couldn't trust Sark.  Only SEC honks care about this.  Oh, and who gives a sh*t about Soth Carolina beating lousy Auburn for the first time since 1922?  And they have only played 9 times since 1922?  F*ck.

BIG ASS YAWN!  No one outside of those 2 crappy schools cares or gives a sh*t.  Except Liberal douche bags at ESPN.

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