You got me.

By: Waldorf

She's a real Trump groupie, seriously.  She's the only governor to turn down Trump's presidential directive (or whatever it was called) that provided more Covid relief (mostly in the form of supplemental federal unemployment benefits) to all 50 states if they signed up for it.  Her rationale was that South Dakota didn't need it since the unemployment rate was so low.  It was essentially saying, "Mr. President, we so grately appreciate your generosity, but we respectfully decline your offer."

On the surface it looks great, fiscally responsible and whatnot.  But if you dig deeper -- not with a shovel, a tablespoon will do -- it was all politically motivated.  The reason the unemployment rate in S.D. is so low is because many people are self-employed and weren't eligible for unemployment (even under the Covid guidelines), many have stopped looking for work because there is none, and they've left the state.  There are about 473 people in the whole fucking state.

But for those who lost their jobs, the small percentage who do make up the unemployment figures in S.D., they've been hit hard.  That extra few bucks (I think was $300 a week for about two months) would have made a HUGE difference.  Yeah, it may be sucking on the government's tit, but when people truly need help that's what it's there for, and this is a particularly difficult time.  I didn't see any other Red states do that; the money was there, they took it because their citizens were in a tough spot due to Covid-related layoffs.  Okay, maybe Trump was flexing his muscles to endear himself to the nation's voters, but it was nonetheless the right thing to do, and the fact that just about every state - Red or Blue - signed up for it pretty much proves that.

Like I said, she's a Trump groupie of the highest order.  She'd stand in a line for six miles just to blow him. So, this fundraising effort, yeah, should come from the GOP, but I'm guessing -- like bigballss said -- she's just soliciting funds for the GOP anyway, not specifically for any legal effort and, most likely, she's soliciting funds for herself.  

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