enough fraud occurred and

By: Art_Vandalay

Do you find it curious at ALL ARNIE?  

1.  Biden huge favorite, Vegas changed at 9pm Pacific had Trump huge favorite of 4-1 over Biden... They pause election, morning time, Biden is now a -700 to win?  


2.  Every fraud so far, ladies going to prison for 10 years for changing 100 retarded people's votes in her home and signing their names, the glitches, the cities that came in 4am that are 98% for Biden with just the box checked (nothing else voted on)??  


3.  You find it just bad luck for Trump he gets impeached for nothing, a virus suddenly appears in 2020 and crashes our economy, gets CHina out of their trade deal with trump and allows donkey states to change election laws so they can blast out millions of blank mailin ballots?  


You don't find any of this odd... Find me a gawd damn fraud on the right... so far all biden glitches and biden peole cheating... going to prison... the big stuff is yet to come

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