Here is how:

By: BuddyJ

Use the US Constitution to invalidate Penn's votes.  Do the same in Georgia.  Bingo, Biden doesn't have 270 electoral votes.  This can be done 2 ways.  THe first is SCOTUS invalidate any election changes that were not approved by their state legislatures.  If that doesn't work have the republican controlled legislatures in Georgia, Penn, Wisconsin and Arizona freeze certification pending invistigation of the voter fraud.  On December 7th when electors are certified none will be certified for Georgia, Penn, Wisonsi and Arizona and THAT deprives Joe of 270 electoral votes.

If Biden doesn't get 270 elector votes, the House votes by state.  There will be 50 House votes, one vote for each state with the state delegations will caucus and vote.  Republicans would control 27 states and Democrats 23 states.  TRUMP WINS.  ALL legal and according to the US CONSTITUTION.


As I have always said, you can beat a cheater every time by just cheating better.

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