Sorry buddy but

By: Old Hickory Trojan

they are paying for many troops did Mexico send to the Border to stop the caravans. How muchrevenue did they lose to America when the new Treaty went through and replace NAFTA? How many businesses pulled out of Mexico and returned to the US? Even with all the Dems fighting it every inch of the way. Even when Dems put lawyers on the Border to help the illegals find ways to get in. Even. Even when activist Judges decided they could write their own laws to defeat Trumps efforts. Even when Dems refused to defend our sovereignty. Even when the Dems overlooked human trafficing, dug cartels and plan illegals taking jobs away from citizens. Seems to me you got it backwards ..Trump on his own without the assitance of Congress accomplished a hellva lot and is making Mexico pay for the wall just because they didn't write a check to Donald Trump doesn't mean they aren't paying and a secnd term would have gone even further..

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