Ask the AP

By: Rodeoduck

Both are favorites to win their divisions and play in the Pac 12 championship game.

It should be a close exciting game.

IMO neither will make it into the Final Four.

I will pick Oregon because:

1. I am biased, I am a Duck fan, I am sure that as a Trojan fan you would pick SC.

2. The Ducks won their games by double digit margins, the Trojans pulled their games out on their last lossession. The opponents, Stanford, Washington State, ASU, and Arizone are all so so teams.

But that is what makes the board fun, we can all root for our teams. If someone is really sold on their team, they can always go to Las Vegas or Reno and bet money.

Both teams need to concentrate on current opponents and not look ahead.

Watch and Enjoy. Due to Covid and State Governors, no fans at the games.

It will be strange to see the Bruins and the Quackers this weekend with Autzen as quiet as a library.

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