66 there is a lot to unpack here

By: Conquest2000

1. Did you watch any of the 4 games played? Oregon beat by 2 scores two teams. USC needed two deflected passes to win and last min drives to pull out games they were fav’s in. 2. Oregone can convert 3rd and 4th and short. USC cannot. It’s plain abs simple USC’s short yardage offense is just awful, horrible, egregious, sickening, shitty, fucking putrid. 3. USC plays down to their opponent. Oregone doesn’t 4. WSU punched Oregon in the face in the first quarter and a half. Then Oregon stepped on their necks. USC has yet to play more than 5 mins of good football. 5. Oregon is better coached 6. Oregon’s OL, DL, DB’s and LB’s are all better than USC’. Oregon’s special teams are better. 7. USC’s WR are the best in the Country now that the one Bama WR got hurt at TN. Slovis and the Oregon QB are a push. Slovis’ arm is hurt, or he doesn’t even have a Div 1 arm. Helton says he isn’t hurt, and the excuses Sat were usual Helton pathetic. The Oregon qb is way more Mobile than Slovis. So with a hurt/shitty arm QB is a push. 8. Oregon’s offense is way more dynamic than USC. Way more creative. Has an identity. Is organized. Determined
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