USC almost lost to the worst team in Pac 12

By: SCSmashmouth

Eevryone I read had Arizona at the bottom and SC and Arizona looked equal. SC really could/should be 0-2. The once great talent edge SC used to have has been seriously eroded which makes Gomer even more of a millstone around SC's neck. He struggled to win with 4 and 5 star players and now has a roster with a lot of 3 stars he brought in during the last horrendously bad class. The team looks like the physically weakest group I have ever seen at USC which is saying something because all of Gomer's teams have looked weak. Do they even workout? SC is in a death spiral until Gomer gets fired and someone qualified is running the show. Everyone knows it except Folt, Bohn and you. SC could lose any of the 4 remaining games if they get played.

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