Devil's advocate

By: the909trojan

SC paying for the sins of Reggie & the bs sanctions, the pending hoops situation, the Aunt Becky bs - all of it puts the school in the situation of being overly cautious. They can't really say what's going on w/ McClain or they run the risk of being sued by the kids and/or parents. Damned if they do or damned if they don't.


Now the past "sins" can be argued ad nauseam about why in the hell we are even here to begin with. But the university has for a while been erring on the side of caution. See Melton. See Helton still with a job. 


I agree with you about kids like Scott or the db's that transferred or Pittman not starting til his dad does the Twitter thing. Or the love of clay's life snapping games away. I just don't feel that this case is the same situation, IMHO. Again, just my opinion. In fact, here's a link that agrees with you.

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