I think Munir is a fairly good kid...

By: Contrarian

He certainly comes across that way. He just got involved in something he shouldn't. It's his mother who's the Biatch. The FBI was looking into whether ringleaders were convincing college kids to do this.  That's why they were on campus interviewing so many students.  USC by their own rules, had to let the investigation play out.  While this was happening, according to their own by-laws, they can allow a student to stay in school, but he/she is not allowed to participate in extra-cirricular activities until the case is resolved. This is no different than what happened to many other USC athletes over the last decade who were suspended from team activities.  We all know who they are.  Clay is out of the loop on this decision.  He might be a boot-licker but he wasn't in a position to have to do that in this case.  Shan, Munir's mother went into full bitch-mode about this.  I would have liked to have seen both these kids stay at USC, but that effectively became impossible due to the mother's actions.  

The irony is that Munir is not yet fully recovered from his last ACL tear and probably wouldn't have played anyway.  He just wanted to be back doing team activities.  Michael Blanton, USC's VP of ethics and professionalism (they actually have someone doing this) did respond to the mother and to Munir on this.  He was the University's mouthpiece.   This, for the record, is what he stated according to the L.A. Times.

"USC is not prejudging your behavior," Blanton wrote in an email reviewed by the Times," and it is unfortunate that we've had to take These actions.  However, as you'll recall, on both occasions when we talked on Sept. 16, you made detailed statements about your involvement with the pandemic-related benefits that have left us with little choice in this matter."


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