New board

By: Java

Think I had mentioned it here before a few times.


Going to be changing hosts.  


This old style board is awesome but.  Some limitations are that it allows way too many off topic posts.  And I can not move them between boards.  New system should allow that.  I'd love to save the good material that guys post to wrong boards.


Another is that it's hard for us now to respons to complaints or needs to ban people.  I will take more control over that in the future and make that easier.  Tulsa lasted way too long.


I am hoping the modern format will result in the ability to run more ad formats.  I don't knw anything aobut who places ads or where to find them but our old style couldn't help.


People used to complain our old format had either viruses or gave false positives of virus activity and that was not what we wanted.


New forum apparently is much more mobile device friendly.  


There may be some other advantages.  Oh, you can upload pictures directly to a post instead of having them be somewhere on the web already.  So GIFs or images work.  


I don't know for sure, but I am goign to guess that this format allows us to tie together with FB or instacrap or whatever those other forums online are, so maybe we can get some cross pollination there.  I am talking out of my @$$ there I fully admit but maybe one of you smart guys can help us once we have a better for4mat to do that with.  


Anyway, let me know what you think.  Feedback.  Help.  All of it is appreciated.  




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