Wasted Effort

By: considerthis

What I like about this board is that is has the greatest collection of infectious disease public health experts who have spent decades studying communicable diseases and are always ready to reject information provided by experts and those with first hand experience. Our government has spent decades building insitutions to study and find the best way to handle diseases.  These are not instituions that have a political motive behind their recommendations and findings.  If you do not believe this, then what is a better source with more experience, knlowledge and less political bias?  It is not Fox news or Dr. Atlas of the Hoover Institute.

Dr. Fauci has more knowledge and experience in his little toe compared to people posting on this board.  Too many posters are simply delusional.  Look at how many still think that Trump won the election.  Somehow many people have lost the ability to think and reason critically.  It is one thing to vote based on expected personal benefits rather than what is best for the nation, but it is another thing to question election results without any factual basis just beacause one does not like the result.  One is just being selfish, the other is unpatriotic and goes against everything this country used to stand for. 

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