Maybe your IQ is really lower than 66.

By: Waldorf

You said this wasn't as bad as a normal flu season.  I said that 250,000 people don't die during a normal flu season, not even close.  50,000 is more like it.

So, if COVID is really only kinda sorta maybe a little teensy bit like the flu, then there wouldn't be a quarter million deaths, would there?

I guess if COVID isn't a major contributing factor in the deaths of those COVID patients who didn't make it, it must've been a really bad case of the cooties.  I suppose COVID has nothing to do with it, and those people are just dying of death.  

Jesus Christ, man, you don't think COVID had anything to do with your wife's death?  If it did, do you think it might have been nice if it could have been prevented?  Okay, if it's your time, it's your time.  But what if it isn't?  Is it asking so much to wear a mask and don't gather in large crowds to LIMIT the spread of the virus until maybe they figure out how to effectively deal with this weaktit flu?  

Well, maybe not. People over 80 don't count for shit anyway.

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