Unless you’re an idiot

By: Java

Which you appear to be. Yes Utah has been the most physical team in the conference the last 4 years. This was their first game. Care to name someone more physical the last 4 years? Didn’t think so. The temp is actually 32 at this moment. 27 will be the low tonight. I mean if we are being anal about it. Which would seem to fit you. You being warm makes no difference since your living room had zero scrimmage plays and your best move is dodging the ottoman on the way to the fridge to add another 300 calories to your expanding gut. 9-0 means the usc coaching staff adjusted and adjusted a team that had a sieve of a d in the first two games to one that allowed 10 for the game. 7 after the first drive. And 0 the last 40+ minutes of the game. And got 5 to. I’ll take that. Complain if you want. This was a decent win
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